Ny livstilskollektion bringer hygge til hjemmet

Now the Sisters Grene is launching a new collection as a bucket of coziness. Get a taste of here.

When the Danish weather with its cold, dark and wet months calls for socializing inside, we are good to turn up the cozy with candles, warm blankets and soft pillows – so much so that the popular lifestyle brand, Sister Sisters Grene, has been inspired by the Danes’ definition of coziness.

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, Sisters Grene is launching a new lifestyle collection that will inspire people around the world to enjoy themselves in their own company and in the company of duck.

Quiet colors and cozy lighting

Among other things, the collection offers furniture and interiors with natural materials that can contribute to a warm feeling in the interior. Textiles in calm colors and qualities such as cotton, wool and linen must create the cozy atmosphere, while beautiful lamps of paper create the right lighting where comfort should arise.



The two sisters define coziness as a state of joy, contentment and warmth. A sense of belonging at the moment. Because when you enjoy yourself, you frame the good moment and notice all the positive qualities that make you have a wonderful feeling of being alive. That’s why you can also find candles, FSC-certified board games and knitwear, all of which can contribute to the personal recipe for fun in the collection.

Get a taste of here

You can find the new products in stores from January 30, 2020. All products are negotiated as long as stocks last.

A preview of the collection here:


Tekst  Nanna Danborg-Aamand

Foto  Søstrene Grene